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Terra Beachside Villas



Awaiting Grading Star

Price Range:
From 700,000 to 1,500,000
Units Available:
1-3 bedrooms 2-4 bathrooms
Square Footage: from 1,011 square feet to 2,050 square feet
The Building: BSG Development plans a high-end complex of two-story condominiums at Collins Av. The building features a spectacular 400 foot long Zen-like garden enclosed by a translucent arched roof atrium. Floor plans include Fire, Water, Wind and Earth, each with generous living space. Each unit has been designed with volumes of space & light combined in grand proportion on-site, ranging from 1,095 square feet for the 1-Bedroom residences up to 3,495 square feet for the 3 story residences.

Amenities include a unique cone-shaped clubhouse with walls of water-colored glass, full equipped fitness center and swimming pool. Residents also enjoy a private beach club membership and access to a private marina across the street at Terra's sister properties Cabana and 6000 Indian Creek.The buildings would be clustered around a domed ''Zen-like'' garden. In all, 117 units are planned for the project on 2.5 acres at 6000 Collins Ave. Maintenance fees would run about 45 cents a square foot.
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